Our Guarantee

We at Pfane are commited to circularity in every aspect of the term.  So much so, that we guarantee material being recycled at any one of our facilities will find new life as new products.  80% of which we produce on site. 

This means your material doesn't need to be shipped 3 times from our facility to anyone else.   Once it's here, it's recycled fully and becomes salable goods. 

From collection, through dismantling, the cleanest, safest and most efficient processing line ever engineered, the most advanced, AI driven upfront pricing system in the world. Onsite refining and product manufacturing.   All, under one roof.  Call and speak to any one of our staff to help you get the most value from your ewaste.  We won't turn you away or make you feel unvalued.

Pfane Gouverneur LLC

606 County Rte 11, Gouverneur, NY, 13642


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