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Insist On Higher Standards

If you can do just one thing to help rid the earth of toxic ewaste, insist on using Pfane the next time you need to recycle your electronic or manufacturing ewaste.

Circular Recycling

“How do you become a Worldwide leader in automated smart solutions for the e-waste recycling industry?" Simply, you put the environment and your people first, in all your decisions from alpha to omega, ad infinitum. Do I want a viable Earth for my children to live on? Would I feel safe bringing my child to work where the waste is processed and refined? From Pfanes humble beginning, this core idea has permeated all levels of our workplace and business ethics as well as empowering the public. 
"Your World is our World."  
Utilizing in-house designed automation systems and proprietary software, we have made all of our facilities 100% Circular. In Layman's terms that means there is Zero waste to landfill aka all refining byproduct is repurposed into building materials and/or new useful products. Our proprietary process ensures that we are a carbon negative company. Each one of our facilities saves millions of kilograms of CO2 from entering the atmosphere every year.  

We are very happy to say, these are more than just words as all of our facilities hold the world’s highest certification standards; R4 Prime Circular (2020) - ISO14001, ISO9001, HIPPA and SSDA compliant. As industry Pioneers, Pfane Circular E-Waste Recyclers are helping to cut greenhouse gas emissions and end harsh chemical and dangerous incineration recycling tactics. Furthermore, we are actively working with local and worldwide legislative bodies to enforce much more stringent rules on current e-waste recyclers. "We can’t stop pushing forward until we eradicate electronic waste completely.”

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What is Pfane?

Would it be possible to build the world's best, most technologically advanced, vertically scalable, turn-key, fully circular e-waste recycling business? This is the question we live by.


We've built a work environment that we feel safe bringing our own children to.


Pfane uses it's proprietary software, machinery and processes to create an extremely sustainable, duplicable recycling model.


Creating new products from 100% of the secondary raw materials we produce.  Zero waste to landfill from our recycling operations.


Processing refineries globally


million kg's of CO2 Saved from entering the atmosphere


hundred tons per month throughput capacity


Proud employees world wide.

Our Products

Base Metals

  • 99.99 Copper Cathode
  • Bare Copper Wire
  • Copper Foil
  • 99.99 Aluminum Ingots
  • Tin/Lead Soldering Wire 55/45 60/40 66/33
  • Zinc Shot
  • Steel Shot

Precious Metals

  • 98% Pure Gold
  • 99.99 Silver
  • Platinum / Palladium / Rhodium Shot

Building Products

  • Treated Fiberglass Insulative Cement Additive
  • PfiBlocks (interlocking industrial retaining blocks)
  • PfiBricks (Paver Bricks and Patio Blocks)
  • Lava Rock (Black Decorative Stone)

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For more information about Pfane products or it's services, feel free to contact us at one of our locations.

Pfane Incorporated

#112 - 250 Consumers Rd. North York, ON M2J 4V6 Canada

+1 (416) 788-0487

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