Your Electronics Manufacturing Waste Specialist

If you do just one thing to help rid the earth of Co2, insist on using Pfane the next time you recycle your commercial or manufacturing ewaste.

What is Pfane?

Would it be possible to build the world's best, most technologically advanced, vertically scalable, turn-key, fully circular e-waste recycling business? This is the question we live by.


We've built a work environment that we feel safe bringing our own children to.


Pfane uses it's proprietary software, machinery and processes to create an extremely sustainable, duplicable recycling model.


Creating new products from 100% of the secondary raw materials we produce.  Zero waste to landfill from our recycling operations.


Processing refineries globally


MegaTons of CO2e Offset For Our Clients


hundred tons per month throughput capacity


Proud employees world wide.

Our Products

Base Metals

  • 99% and up - Copper Cathode
  • Industrial Grade Copper Powder 99s pure
  • Copper Cathode Wire 2mm and under.
  • Aluminum Shot (Solar and Hydrogen Formed)

Precious Metals

  • Jewelry Grade Gold and Silver. 

Building Products

  • Treated Fiberglass Insulative Cement Additive
  • PfiBlocks (interlocking industrial retaining blocks)
  • PfiBricks (Paver Bricks and Patio Blocks)
  • Lava Rock (Black Decorative Stone)