Imagine A Stream.

Imagine, if you will a rock, being rushed down a raging river.  Tumbling from basin to basin over crested falls, through thousands of obstacles.  Abbraded from each conflicting corner and jagged edge it meets, until finally what was once a large stone is reduced to no more than minute particles of soft sand.

What was heavy and unyielding would sink quickly and be washed clean by the force of the stream.  The lighter less dense particles being swept away to end up along the pristine shoreline.  In the same way Pfane breaks, granulates and separates it's primary raw materials.   

Did you know?

Melting of pure metal releases almost no smoke and no harmful fumes. It is the impurities on metals that can be dangerous to incinerate or even heat to low melting temperatures.

Melting whole circuitboards, which are only 18% metal, creates a myriad of toxic smoke and deadly fumes.  This is why Pfane has joined the worldwide innitiative to STOP the incineration of heat resistant plastics and circuitboards.  

Positive and Negative Charges

In nature, the buildup of positive and negative ions and charged particles can become so powerful that their attraction can lead to a fantastic light show.  

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